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DESCIRPTION Bio Paint Stripper is friendly to its user and the environment. No harsh chemicals. Eco friendly and non toxic. Ready mix paste free of chlorinated hydrocarbons, methylene chloride, phenol and other harmful ingredients. Doesn't give off narcotic fumes.

USE It is designed to remove: alkyd,- and oil based varnishes, acrylic varnishes, polyurethane’s, enamel paint, dispersion and latex paint

DIRECTIONS. Apply liberally on surface. Remove after required time with scraper. Intricate and carved sections can be vigorously brushed with a stiff plastic brush. Apply a further liberal coat and repeat until bare wood surface is visible. Wash off any residue with a damp cloth or water. Do not use any metal abrasives as this will cause rust marks to penetrate the wood surface. Use sandpaper to remove any small traces of finish, once the wood has completely dried out. Veneer timber: Please test always beforehand

RECOMMENDED STRIPPING TIMES In extremely hot temperatures cover the treated area with a plastic film. Varnish, shellac, French polish: 60-120 minutes Lacquers, polyurethane’s: 60-120 minutes Multi-layered paint: 60 + minutes

PACKAING 1 and 4 Litres

PRECAUTION Avoid contact with skin and eyes. If contact occurs, rinse well with water. Wear eye protection when using a brush. Protective gloves recommended for prolonged exposure

STORAGE Keep tightly sealed in a cool and dry place. Do not allow this product to freeze.

DISPOSAL: Do not pour left over paint stripper down the drain. Unwanted paint stripper should be brushed out on newspaper, allowed to dry and then disposed of via domestic waste collection. Let empty container dry out as well and dispose via recycling program. The preceding information is given as a general guide only. Some variations may occur or be advisable for particular conditions. Our responsibility for claims arising from breach of warranty, negligence or otherwise is limited to the purchase price of the material. BIO PAINT STRIPPER is an environmental friendly product. 30/05/2011