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BIO TEAK / floor OIL

DESCRIPTION Bio Teak/Floor Oil is a natural looking finish on floors and furniture. It is made from renewable materials like plant oils and resins, which are well known to the trade. Natural and non toxic ingredients makes it also gentle to the climate and resources A breathing, satin, water-repellent, oil based finish for use on interior timber, cork, unglazed floor tiles and porous stone surfaces. Bio Teak Oil can be used as a complete finish. Do not use on alkaline surfaces, plaster, concrete, fibro cement or in a constantly humid environment. Test strips should be made on other materials such as brick and ceramic tiles.

PREPARATION Do not apply coatings to unseasoned or wet timber. Wood should be well sanded, Dry and cleaned of greasy, waxy and dirty contaminants using BIO Thinner. Round off sharp edges. It is also Good practice to prime back surfaces. Hardwoods and timbers rich in natural oils, waxes, acids and terpenes should be degreased using Bio Thinner, because these substances may mix with the varnish and prolong its drying time. Let dry for 24 hours. Imperfect coats may require complete stripping before applying BIO products. Final sanding before application should be done with sandpaper grade 120 or 180.

APPLICATION Brush, dip or spray. Do not apply more than the surface can absorb. Maintain a wet edge when painting. Remove excess oil with a dry lint free cloth after 10-20 Minutes. Apply one to two thin coat, or up to four thin coats on highly absorbent surfaces. Allow first Coat to dry for 24-48 hours. Sand lightly with fine-grain sandpaper, then repeat process with Each coat. When using on floor boards start to polish the oil immediately after you have removed the excess oil. Do not use when the temperature is below 10+ C and/or the relative humidity is above 80% e.g. cold damp conditions, or when condensation, frost are likely to occur or hot days and direct sunlight and hot surfaces. Provide adequate ventilation during application and drying. Furniture may be brought in with due care after 3 days.

DRYING Touch dry after 5-7 hours. Do not walk on treated floors for 3 days. May be used fully after 7- 10 days.

FINISHING TREATMENT For greater protection, a thin coat of BIO ANTIQUE WAX or BIO HARD FLOOR WAX may be applied after drying.

MAINTENANCE After 4 weeks, when the oil is fully cured, the surface may be treated with undiluted self-polishing BIO Timber Care Polish, applied thinly and evenly with an absorbent lint free cloth. For regular cleaning, use BIO Timber Care Polish diluted at a rate of 50 ml in 5 Litres of warm water. Apply with a damp (not wet/dripping) cloth.

INGREDIENTS Based on plant oils, resins, essential oils, paraffin oil, lead free drying agent.

COVERAGE 1 Litre covers approx.. 8 - 12 sqm., depending on the absorbency of the substrate. On floors only: Softwood 20-30 sqm Hardwood 25-40 sqm.

PACAKAGING 1 and 4 Litres STORAGE Keep tightly sealed in a cool, dry place. Decant remains into a smaller container to minimise reaction with air, as skin may form once container has been opened. PAINT DISPOSAL: Do not pour left over paint down the drain. Unwanted paint should be brushed out on Newspaper, allowed to dry and then disposed of via domestic waste collection. Let empty container dry out as Well and dispose via recycling program. PRECAUTION Keep away from open flames and out of the reach of children. Please dispose of used rags in a sealed metal container. Can spontaneously combust There is no manufacturer’s liability for applying this product onto non compatible paint systems like acrylics, polyurethane, epoxy finishes etc. The preceding information is given as a general guide only. Some variations may occur or be advisable for particular conditions.



1) Final sanding best with 150 or 180 grade sand paper

2) A:hardwood – Degrease with BIO Thinner

3) B: Softwood – Thoroughly clean floor boards

4) Apply Teak Oil Softwood 1 Litre covers 20-30 sqm Hardwood 1 Litre covers 25-40 sqm

IMPORTANT If you used more Teak Oilo than there is to much oil on the surface. You will get problems with polishing and drying.

5) Remove excess oil after 10-20 Minutes. In warm weather conditions even earlier.

6) Start polishing on a still wet surface.

7) Subject to suitable humidity levels, products should be applied as early as practicable after 10 a.m. to allow sufficient daytime drying.

8) Make sure the previous coat has completely dried before applying the next coat. Drying time varies considerably with temperature and moisture levels.

9) Check as follows: Must be dry. Press your thumb onto the floor. If soft, do not re-coat. Press your hand for 5 minutes on the floor. If tacky, do not re-coat.

10 The drying time of oil based products is prolonged by: a. High humidity and/or low temperature during application and drying time. b. Absorption of natural terpenes, oils, waxes or resins from the substrate, especially in exotic and eucalyptus timbers. c. Bad ventilation and darkness. d. Thick coats. 30/05/2011