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White Bio Wall Paint and how it can work for you. A look into the home of Melissa Ambrosini and Nick Broadhurst who recognize the health benefits of using natural products and chose Bio Paints for the interior of their beautifully renovated home.


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Bio Paints and Oils have been the choice of early adopters for decades. People who have made sustainability their end goal, frontrunners in home design, people who have been quietly doing what they believe to be the best environmental choice. One such couple were sold on Bio Products at the Mudgee field days in the early 1990’s when they saw a very informative short lecture on the product. They built an eco friendly earth covered house, and painted the inside with Bio Wall Paint and Bio Enamel, and Bio Oils on all the bespoke woodwork! Now, some 25 years later,...

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There is a growing body of evidence about toxins in our homes. A Building Biologist can help you identify which areas in your home could be improved, from mould remediation, pest control, air quality, EMR and more! And some are also Feng Shui experts!

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