7 Reasons Why White Wall Paint is the Right Wall Paint (and why Bio is the Right White Wall Paint)

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7 Reasons Why White Wall Paint is the Right Wall Paint (and why Bio is the Right White Wall Paint)

This beautiful renovation is the home of Melissa Ambrosini and Nick Broadhurst who recognize the health benefits of using natural products and chose Bio Products for the interior of their lovely home. The original stained shiplap wall and ceiling lining was sealed with Bio Plant-oil Based Undercoat to prevent the stain from leaching through, and then painted with Bio Wall Paint. Bio Enamel was used on the doors and windows. The ceilings are a paler shade of white than the walls.


The Timeless Look of Bio White Wall Paint

1. Timeless White décor will never go out of style. White is a classic décor choice, favoured by interior designers and a safe option for novice This home interior by Clostudios epitomises the look. Photo credit nikoleramsay.com Bio Wall Paint Creates a Harmonious Room

  1. White can establish harmony in a room, especially when layered with timber accents and indoor plants. Nature is soothing, and natural paints extend the healing effect of nature into your home, to create a sanctuary away from the stresses of life. Photo credit nikoleramsay.com Bio White Wall Paint Layered with Naturals and Neutrals.
  2. Whites are easy to layer, adding depth and appeal. Layering with Naturals and Neutrals creates a feeling of spaciousness. Baskets or a plant, rugs, throws and cushions all help create your own vibe. Photo credit nikoleramsay.com Bio Wall Paint with a Modern Palette
  3. White lends itself to easy pairing with a splash of seasonal colour, or a strong neutral feature to set a mood. Note the stunning effect achieved with a modern palette and Bio Natural Paint and Oil finishes. Photo credit nikoleramsay.com Bio Wall Paints Aesthetic Appeal
  1. White’s simple aesthetic can feel tidy and organised. Clean lines, varied finishes and textures create visual interest, but still leaves the space free to be uncluttered. Photo credit nikoleramsay.com Bio Wall Paint Creates Elegance and Tranquility.
  2. White walls make a home feel fresh and clean. This home in Sydney shows the elegance and tranquility of white layered with neutrals. A bold accent is added by a throw, which is easily changed to suit the season or the mood. Bio Wall Paint Suits a Grand Room.
  1. White wall paint can suit any home style, from French Farmhouse to Hamptons style, Minimalist to Stately, Industrial to Seaside. Bio White Wall Paint looks as good in a grand piano room as it does in a Noosa beach-side apartment.


Bio Natural White Wall Paint not only looks good, it really IS good. 

Bio means life. Choose life, choose to use Bio Products.

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Heartfelt thanks to Melissa Ambrosini and Nick Broadhurst for sharing their beautifully renovated home and for using Bio Natural Paints! 

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