ASBB Environmental Health Conference and Expo 2018

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ASBB Environmental Health Conference and Expo 2018

We were represented at the Australasian Society of Building Bilogists Conference by our Sydney representative Eco at Home. The lineup of speakers was outstanding, and by all reports the attendees were enthusiastic! There is a growing body of evidence about toxins in our homes, the knowledge is all there, once you start looking. And so are the healthier choices. If you need help with your home, call a Building Biologist. If you need healthy natural paint, you're in the right place! You can order online, or give us a call.


From Instagram @buidingbiologynsw : Natural transformations. Blue on white with @bio_natural_paints_and_oils from @ecoathome Healthy paints = Healthy air = Healthy humans = Healthy planet. #reduceexposure #buildingbiologynsw #buildingwellness #naturalpaints #airquality

Lead expert Elizabeth O'Brien presented at the conference, and she reminisced about meeting Dieter, our founder, back in the 1990s! Together we've been trying to make Australian homes healthier places for decades! For all the info you need about lead go to 

For more info on all the speakers, go to