Bio Natural Timber Oil - Exterior

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Bio Natural Timber Oil Exterior is an is eco-friendly, natural and non-toxic alternative to PU (Polyurethane) and Epoxy finishes for outdoor applications such as Timber Decks and outdoor furniture, exterior panelling, windows, sandpits, box framing, rafters, pergolas etc.

Bio Natural Timber Oil Exterior is made from renewable materials like plant oils and resins which are safe to use and gentle to the planet, climate and resources. Bio Natural Timber Oil Exterior is a penetrating and finishing oil, which deepens and enhances the natural grain of the timber.

Bio Natural Timber Oil Exterior is resistant to dirt and moisture, and suitable for exterior timbers including decking, windows, log cabins, bee hives, stalls, barns, kennels, fence posts, decking, garden furniture, pergolas, raised garden beds, pergolas, railings, cubby houses, play equipment , animal enclosures, chicken pens etc.

For fungi and insect treatment use Bio Wood Protecting Borax first.

The first coat may be thinned with Bio Thinner, so that the oil can soak deep into the timber.

Download Specifications for Bio Natural Timber Oil Exterior.