Bio Floor Oil

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Bio Floor Oil is a natural finish for floors and furniture.

Bio Floor Oil is made from renewable materials like plant oils and tree resins.

The all-natural and non-toxic ingredients make it safe to use and very earth friendly.  

Bio natural Floor Oil

  • breathes, and allows timber to breathe and move as it needs to
  • a smooth satin finish that feels soft underfoot
  • water-repellent
  • a complete finish
  • very durable
  • can be repaired in patches without recoating the entire floor.
  • is an oil finish for use on interior timber, cork, unglazed floor tiles and porous stone surfaces.  

Floors oiled with Bio Floor Oil are easy to maintain, beautiful to look at, cool underfoot in summer and warm in winter. Any accidental scratches are easy to repair, spot repairs are simple, you don't have to re-sand the entire floor

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Use Bio Thinner to wipe down hardwoods to remove tannins, oils, waxes, acids and terpenes.

To give your floors/furniture even greater protection, apply a thin coat of Bio Hard Floor Wax or Bio Antique Wax after drying.