Bio Furniture Oil

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Bio Furniture Oil is a safe, natural finish for furniture, and can be used to oil a new item or to rejuvenate an existing piece of furniture. It is a low sheen interior finishing oil which protects wood and accentuates the natural beauty of timber. It will restore a youthful glow to a tired piece of furniture! Think of it as a moisturiser for your timber furniture, let it nourish the wood and make it more resilient to the accidental scrapes and bumps of life.

Bio Furniture Oil is formulated for interior use, and can be used to revitalise previously oiled doors, balusters, furniture etc. When timber looks dry, apply a small amount of the oil with a clean lint free cloth using a circular motion to work the oil into the wood. Buff with a soft cloth.

Oiling New Untreated Furniture

Bio Furniture Oil is a fantastic way to protect bare-wood furniture such as untreated Ikea furniture, new pine furniture, bespoke or handmade items, as well as antiques sanded clean for restoration. To protect raw timber furniture, apply Bio Furniture Oil evenly and liberally using a brush or lambs wool applicator, until the wood has stopped absorbing it. Allow it to absorb for a few minutes then rub the oil firmly into the wood. Remove all excess oil after 10-30 minutes.  Let it dry for 24-72 hours then buff with a soft cloth. Ensure each coat of oil is thoroughly dry before re-applying. Three coats will give the best result.

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