Bio Enamel Undercoat Plant-Oil Based

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Bio Enamel Undercoat Plant-oil Based is designed to be used on new surfaces or repaired surfaces before painting with Bio Enamel Plant-oil Based. Bio Enamel Undercoat Plant-oil Based is made from natural renewable materials like plant oils, resins and pigments. It is gentle to people, the planet, its’ climate and resources. Bio Enamel Undercoat Plant-oil Based does not contain toxic solvents, resins or heavy metals. It is suitable for all wood types, steel, aluminium and copper. Especially suitable for use on toys, panelling, skirting and architraves, garage doors and window frames.

Thin Bio Enamel Undercoat as necessary with 5-10% Bio Thinner to obtain a smooth flowing consistency.

Detailed Specifications