About Us


Bio Products has imported and manufactured natural non toxic* paint products since 1985. Our aim is to provide a healthy alternative to conventional paint products to prevent ecological/environmental illnesses such as the sick building syndrome, MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity), and various respiratory problems and diseases to mention a few. In 1997 Bio Products opened a factory in Mount Barker, South Australia and commenced the production of natural non-toxic paint products.

Why natural paint products?

Think of the immediate world surrounding our bodies – and a series of concentric circles surrounding us

1. Our skin 
2. Our clothing 
3. Our house and 
4. Our environment .

Any pollution affecting any of these layers has an impact on our health and well-being.

Low allergenic, non toxic Natural Paint Products

Natural Paint products were first developed in 1975 in Germany. The goal was to have non toxic and low allergenic paint products as an alternative to conventional products.

In those days conventional paint product development was driven by profits and performance alone. The health aspect was nearly forgotten.

Dramatic court cases in favour of consumers combined with environmental concerns and legislation created a new demand for safe paint products.

Environmentally friendly ahead of the times

By creating water based products, low toxic solvents and non toxic ingredients, natural paint products were  meeting the 21st century targets of conventional products some 4 decades ago!

Most of us appreciate the benefits of natural skin care products and natural fibre for clothing. The same benefits extend to natural paints, they help you reduce your chemical burden in your home.

Where can you buy Natural Paint Products?

Natural Paint products are available from selected independent retailers who recognise the significance of such products, and from environmentally conscious painters and architects.

Bio Products and the Australian marketplace

The Bio Products team believes that our future lies in building lasting relationships with our customers and developing more non-toxic, non-allergenic products for the Australian market.