Colour Mixing and Matching,

Bio Natural Non-toxic Colour

Bio Natural Mineral Pigments are created from natural non-toxic ingredients. Think of Australia's Red Centre, the colour of Nature's red earth, the colour of Uluru. That colour is made by oxidised iron or Iron Oxide; it is THE original paint colour as used in cave paintings. Natural mineral pigments also colour

Sydney Sandstone showing waves of Natural Colour

Sydney Sandstone, those beautiful waves of ochre and sienna colour through the stone are created by the minerals in the ground when the rock was formed, same as Bio Natural Mineral Pigments. With our range of 10 Natural Mineral Pigment colours we can create most of the colours you want in your home, without the toxins and synthetic colourants normally used in paints. 

Bio paints are predominantly waterbased*, and using Natural Mineral pigments. We have matched many and varied colours. Every white you might want. We have matched colours with names like Antique, Terrace, Casper, Lexicon Whisper, Hogbristle and Stowe in full stength, 1/2 or 1/4 strength! Ask us about your colour! We can match to a fabric swatch, a gum leaf, a chip of old paint, an old colour chart, a favourite shirt or even a piece of bark (yes we've done all those).

BIO Products has a range of natural mineral pigments, which can be mixed to achieve a wide range of both unique and popular colours.

For Artists and creative types: You can also use BIO pigments and mix your own colours! Bio Pigments are safe enough for you to use them at home.

To mix your own colours:

Bio Wall Paints are supplied in White or Deep Base. Use white for pale to mid-range colours, use deep base for big or bold colours.

Pigments are available in a range of 10 colours plus White. All pigments are intermixable. We can guide you with colour mixes (or see the chart of dilutions for guidance)  Use the pigments to mix your own unique colour, or paint a mural!

The maximum amount of pigment is 1 part pigment to 1 part paint.

The standard pigment colours are: Red, Blue, Violet, Orange, Golden Ochre, Brown, Ochre, Yellow, Black, Green, and White.

Create Your Own Colour Scheme!

Use Nature for inspiration! There are many beautiful palettes on display, on tree trunks, mossy rocks, sunshine through autumn leaves, sand dunes and seascapes, wheat fields, even silvered timber fences and boardwalks.

Colours for Oils and Oil based products:

Oils and varnishes are also available in a limited range of colours.
Note: as these are natural products, slight variations between colour batches may occur.



*Our ranges of oil-based products - enamels and oils, use a specialty colourant.