Why Choose Bio Natural Paints, Oils, Varnishes and Waxes?

BIO Products manufacture high quality natural finishes, both paints and oils which are based on plant extracts and minerals, which makes Bio Paint the safest paint in Australia. All Bio products are natural and as free from toxic VOCs  (Volatile Organic Compounds) as its possible to be. BIO Products are formulated to be safe and allergy free, good for the health of people and safe for the environment. Bio Products are tested for durability, finish quality, colour, appearance and feel. 

Use Bio Paint as you would conventional acrylic paint, on walls, trim and furniture. Whether you're a home renovator or a professional painter, you'll find Bio Paint a pleasure to use and the end result will enhance the look, feel and comfort of your home.

In short, Bio Paint has all the attributes and the aesthetics of Chalk Paint and Clay Paint but is far more resilient and much more washable. 

Bio Paint is a boutique paint made by an independent Australian manufacturer. 

Replace Acrylics and Polyurethane finishing products with the healthy alternatives manufactured by Bio Products right here in Australia. Bio means Life, Bio Paints are the safest, healthiest paints while being durable and beautiful.


There are many ’green’ paints and timber finishes advertised, most of them are not natural.  Claims are based on their 'improved' Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) content (relative to their previously very high VOC content), or recycled petrochemical content. These ‘green’ products are usually a small part of their range, more of a marketing exercise rather than recognising the long known hazards and toxicity of many of their paint ingredients.


A VOC is an organic compound made up mostly of carbon and hydrogen, but includes many other chemical elements.  It is volatile, which means it easily becomes a gas.

Think of a petrol station in summer, sometimes you can see the petrol ‘haze’ or fumes coming from the bowser nozzle. This is the petrol volatilising, becoming a gas. Petrol is toxic, and we are usually careful not to breathe it in. Conventional paints are made from petrochemicals, that include some that are quite toxic, and these toxins continue to volatilise long after the paint is applied. It’s impossible not to breathe in the fumes when they’re in the house you are living and sleeping in. 

Toxic VOCs affect us in many different ways.  Our bodies can usually tell when VOCs are good or bad for us – we recoil at the smell of methane, turps and car exhausts.  Now think about surface finishes.  We don’t usually smell wet paint and delight at the sensation.  (Some manufacturers mask the smell of VOC’s with synthetic perfumes, which may smell better but are no better for us, and don’t remove the hazard.)

The VOCs in paint can cause headaches / migraines and nausea.  Many other more serious problems can result such as Painter’s Syndrome (brain and central nervous system damage), respiratory diseases and cancers. VOCs are key contributors to "Sick Building Syndrome". The problems are made worse when we live and sleep with harmful toxins. Poor indoor air quality ranks amongst the top environmental risks to public health.  Research has found indoor air quality inside our homes can be many times worse than the air quality outside.

Many synthetic, or plastic (think acrylic), paints and timber finishes outgas for up to 5 years. By the time you get rid of the toxins completely, it is just about time to redecorate.


BIO Products has a range of natural mineral pigments, which can be mixed to achieve a wide range of both unique and popular colours.

You can buy the BIO pigments and mix your own colours (a formula or ‘recipe’ can be provided), or if you prefer we can mix colours for you. (We charge a small fee for our time and the pigment).  Oils and varnishes are also available in a limited range of colours.

HOW-TO Guides

Whilst these natural finishes are quite simple to use, application guides and coverage data are provided in information sheets for each product and also on the container.

Surfaces finished with our products can be easily cared for, renewed or rejuvenated.


The all natural content of our products allows surfaces to ‘breathe’, so air and moisture can pass through. This prevents condensation forming, which in turn reduces the likelihood of mould developing.  We do not recommend a mould inhibitor additive.


BIO Products present a comprehensive range, which includes:

  • Wall Paint
  • Wall Primer
  • Timber Oils - interior and exterior - for floors, decking, doors, window frames and cabinetry
  • Timber Varnishes – interior and exterior - satin and gloss
  • Enamel Lacquers - both water based and plant oil based - matt, semi-gloss and gloss
  • Enamel Lacquer Undercoat
  • Waxes
  • Thinners
  • Preservative

The application methods for BIO Products are similar to that for common petrochemical based paints. Normal brushes, rollers or spray equipment can be used.


Higher quality and relative smaller production volumes place BIO Products at about mid-range on the cost scale when compared to all surface finishes (including petrochemical products). They are proven to be very cost-effective when compared to other natural finishes.  If the cost seems higher than a particular petrochemical product, consider the cost difference relative to the substantial health and environment benefits of BIO, and remember the cost is spread over the years between now and the next time you redecorate. You’ll find BIO Products are well worth it!


Unlike other options, BIO surface finishes are made in Australia, for Australian conditions by an Australian owned company.  Australian ingredients are used as much as possible.  Apart from the confidence this gives in the product and the obvious socio-economic benefits, this also keeps the product environmental footprint to a minimum. 

BIO Products last just as long as ‘conventional’ finishes and are quite washable.

  • BIO Products are the Best Natural Finishes. All BIO products:
  • have fully declared ingredients
  • are formulated to be as low allergenic or allergy free as is possible
  • minimise contribution to greenhouse emissions
  • use renewable raw materials, with the exception of some abundant minerals such as clay
  • are packaged in recyclable containers
  • use natural ingredients or a non-toxic synthetic material if no natural alternative exists
  • are manufactured and tested to high standards
  • are able to be used by professional painters and/or home renovators
  • can be applied with the usual tools and methods such as brush, roller or spray
  • are free of dangerous chemicals found in other finishes. (Other surface finishes may include toluene, xylene, glycol ethers, formaldehyde, chlorobenzene, acrylic resins, vinyl chlorides and heavy metals. BIO Products have NONE of these.) 

We guarantee the quality of our products – or we will replace the goods.

Choose BIO for life. It’s better for your health and better for the environment.