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Bio Antique Wax is specially formulated for use on all Antiques.

Bio Antique Wax is a timeless formulation that can be used on any of the old surface coatings and will fill any cracks and scratches so they are less visible. 

Bio Antique Wax is suitable for any indoor timber, especially furniture and toys, both antique and new. It is a unique blend of transparent, matt-finished sealing waxes without any synthetic additives. Bio Antique Wax seals the pores of the timber and forms a durable, anti-static surface that repels water and dirt.

Bio Antique Wax can also be used on all types of wood surfaces as an alternative to lacquer or varnish. Use Bio Antique Wax on new or antique furniture, toys, shelves etc. It gives a clear finish that is not prone to yellowing

Bio Antique Wax can also be used to restore the surface of any timber furniture that has been previously oiled or varnished. Any scratches will be diminished.

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To use Bio Antique Wax on new wood surfaces they should be sanded smooth, dry and then wiped with BIO Thinner which will remove any tannins on the surface and clean away any greasy, waxy and dirty contaminants.