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Bio Prawn Crackers, that delicious not-quite-pink pink that goes so well with with the soft grey of Galah or the soft whites Almond Milk and Pinkling.

Note: We recommend you try a test pot to see how Bio Colours look in your space as the quality and amount of light in your space affects how the colour looks. (Plus we each have our own perception of colour.)

Bio Wall Paint is the most Eco and Environmentally Friendly Paint in Australia.

The Safest Paint

Bio Wall Paint is a natural wall paint which is

  • Lowest toxicity
  • Closest to VOC free
  • NOT plastic acrylic
  • Low drip
  • Durable

The Healthiest Paint

Bio Wall Paint is naturally

  • Permeable to vapour and
  • Accommodates variations in humidity.
  • Handles odours from cooking and smoking

Which means you have a more comfortable and healthy living environment, which can help asthma sufferers and people with allergies or sensitivities to feel more comfortable.

The most Natural Paint

Bio Wall Paint is a clay and mineral based natural paint which

  • Naturally helps to reduce mould by releasing absorbed moisture
  • Less prone to electrostatic charge

The Australian Made Paint

Bio Wall Paint is made in South Australia (as are all our other beautiful products), and is completely Australian owned.

The Greenest Paint

It is these extraordinary qualities together with our management of energy, waste, emissions and water which make Bio Wall Paint a truly green paint.

Australian Colours for your home

Bio Paint now comes in a range of gorgeous Australian designer colours suited to our southern sun and Australian lifestyle! The bright sun in Australia is not kind to colour schemes designed for the Northern Hemisphere. We’re a big country with a lot of diversity, in our population as well as our environment.

 We need colours that don’t look washed-out in our intense sun. Our land is vibrant with reds and violets, our greens are bluish, our blues are teal. Except our sky, our Summer Sky is intensely blue. And our beaches are so white sometimes it hurts your eyes. Our land is strong and Bio Colours match that strength. In Australia, the Land, the Flora and the Fauna are unique; we hope you find Bio Colours equally remarkable.

Australian designed Homes

Bio Paint suits most surfaces including wood, MDF, gyprock, timber, masonry, brick and fibre cement, concrete, stone, render, plasterboard, paper, mudbrick, rammed earth and hempcrete.

Bio Paint is formulated for interior use.