Bio Wood Protecting Borax

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Bio Wood Protecting Borax is a proven and reliable transparent wood preservative which protects against fungi, termites and insects. Bio Wood Protecting Borax can be used for interior or exterior applications; it is a natural product which has been used for centuries. Bio Wood Protecting Borax, when mixed with water, seeps quickly into the wood. It is quick, safe and easy to use, and may be used to prime all types of wood surfaces, even timber with a moisture content above 20% or wood in contact with the ground. After treatment, wood becomes slightly browner in colour.

Bio Wood Protecting Borax can be used to protect building frameworks, ceilings, windows, log cabins, bee hives, stalls, barns, kennels, fence posts, decking, garden furniture, raised garden beds, pergolas, railings, cubby houses, play equipment, animal enclosures, chicken pens etc.

Borax concentrate - dissolve up to 15% in water.

1 Litre covers 7-10 m2, depending on the absorbency of the timber.

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