Bio Furniture Oil

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Bio Furniture Oil is a safe, natural finish for furniture, and can be used to oil a new item or to rejuvenate an existing piece of furniture. It is a low sheen interior finishing oil which protects wood and accentuates the natural beauty in timber. It will restore a youthful glow to a tired piece of furniture!

Bio Furniture Oil is formulated for interior use, and can be used to revitalise previously oiled doors, balusters, furniture etc. When timber looks dry just apply a small amount of the oil with a clean lint free cloth using a circular motion to work it into the wood. Buff with a soft cloth.

Bio Furniture Oil can also be used to oil bare wood to protect it. Apply oil evenly and liberally using a brush or lambs wool applicator, until the wood has stopped absorbing it. Rub the oil firmly into the wood and remove all excess oil after 10-30 minutes.  Let dry for 24-72 hours. Ensure each coat of oil is thoroughly dry before re-applying. Three coats will give the best result.

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